Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Man, it's the Grass

No, not that kind of grass.  It's grass pollen, and its still hanging around in the air of Central New Jersey.  At this time we expect only mold and weeds outdoors to tickle noses, eyes and lungs, but the grass is still there.  As proof of this I saw a recent patient who only usually experiences symptoms in the summer, when grass pollinates.  He is experiencing his worst symptoms now, and tested negative for ragweed and the other weeds in our area.  I have developed my allergy testing panels especially for Central Jersey, but also to account for heredity. Allergies are inherited. Another recent patient was Scandinavian in origin, so I was not surprised to see sensitivity to birch tree.  Also, having 2 birch trees in the back yard did not help!  For some interesting graphs of the pollen count in your area over the past month, visit and enter your zip code.

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