Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Reflections and To Do List

Happy New Year! It's cold out and the pollen counts are down to virtually zero. In fact many pollen counting sites shut down until the spring. So it's actually a good time to think about planning for the upcoming Spring and Summer. If you were thinking of starting on allergy shots, please remember that it will take a while for you to build up the dosage to the final maintenance dose, so starting now would give you a head start and the prospect of significant relief by the Summer.  Also, all the environmental control measures that I talk about for dust and mold take a while to deliver their maximal benefit, so there's no day like to today to start!   When you spend time indoors with the heating on, your environment is often drier than at other times of year. Low humidity is a common reason for nasal symptoms, so you might want to check the humidity in your house by buying an inexpensive hygrometer.

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